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THE MONGOL CATACLYSM         .            .            .            .-                144


The Awful Nature of the Mongol Invasion—The Origin of
the Mongols—Yissugay, the Father of Chengiz Khan—The Rise
of Chengiz Khan, A.D. 1175-1206—The Downfall of the Kara
Khitai Dynasty—The Mongol Invasion of Turkestan, A.H. 615
(1218)—The Outbreak of Hostilities with Khwarazin—The In-
vasion of Transoxiana, A.H. 616 (1219)—The Pursuit of Mohamed
and his Death, A.H. 617 (1220)—The Siege of Urganj, A.H. 617
(1220)—The Devastation of Khorasan, A.H. 617 (1220)—Jhe
Destruction of Merv and Nishapur—The Capture of Herat—
The Campaign against Jalal-u-Din, A.H. 618 (1221)—The Return
to Tartary of Chengiz Khan—The Devastation of Western and
North-Western Persia—The Death of Chengiz Khan, A.H. 624
(1227)—His Character and Genius.

The Division of the Mongol Empire—Three Great Expedi-
tions—The Campaign of Jalal-u-Din in India, A.H. 619 (1222)—
His Return to Persia, A.H. 620 (1223)—Ghias-u-Din—The Cam-
paign against the Caliph, A.H. 622 (1225)—The Battle of Isfahan,
A.H. 625 (1228)—The Single Combats of Jalal-u-Din—His Escapes
from the Mongols and his Death, A.H. 628 (1231)—The Mongol
Campaigns in Asia Minor and Syria—The Kutlugh Khans of
Kerman, A.H. 619-703 (1222-1303)—Christian Missions to the
Mongols, A.D. 1245-1253'—The Administration of Northern Persia
before Hulagu Khan—The Appointment of Hulagu Khan to
Persia, A.H, 649 (1251)—The Dynasty of the Assassins at its
Zenith—The Extirpation of the Assassins, A,H. 654 (1256)—The
Sack of Baghdad and the Execution of the Caliph, A.H. 656 (1258)
—The Last Years of Hulagu Khan and his Death, A,H. 663
THE HEATHEN IL-KHANS OF PERSIA      .            .            .            .    177
Abaga, A.H. 663-680 (1265-1281)—The Invasion from Russia,
A.H. 664 (1266)—Hayton, King of Armenia and Baybars of Egypt,
A.H, 664-665 (1266-1267)—The Invasion of Khorasan by Borak,
A.H, 668 (1270)—Vusuf Shah L, Atabeg of Luristan—The Devas-
tation of Khwarazm and Transoxiana by Abaga, A.H. 671 (1272)
—The Battle of Abulistin, A.H. 675 (1277)—The Battle of Hims,,
A.H. 680 (1281)—The Intercourse of Abaga with Europe—The
Journey of Marco Polo in Persia, A.D. 1271—Ahmad, A.H. 680-683
(1281-1284)—The Reign of Arghun, A.H. 683-690 (1284-1291)
—John de Monte CorviSo—Gaykhatu, A,H. 690-694 (1291-1295),
and Baydu, A.H, 694 (1295)—The Return of Marco Polo to Persia,
A.D, 1294.